Want to experience an introduction to Restorative Rhythms and bring balance back into your life but aren’t ready to make a huge leap and investment? Then join us for our 7-Day Reset Online Experience where we share some of our favorite restorative rhythms will you. Each day is paired with a creative reflective activity designed to help you settle your mind and heart and connect with God in deeper ways.

Each day we will have a video introduction and an inspirational message followed by a creative expression activity that will deepen your understanding of yourself, your needs, and what nourishes you.

Who Is This Course For:

Anyone who feels burdened, weary, or overwhelmed and just needs a space to reset and refresh your soul. This is an introductory course providing simple rhythms that will help you learn new ways to deal with the pressures of life and connect with God in creative ways.

What You Will Walk Away With:

  • 7 restorative rhythms for your heart, mind, and body
  • A greater understanding of what types of rhythms reset you best
  • 7 unique and varied ways to connect with God’s heart
  • 7 reflective activities to inspire your unique creativity

A full day to unplug, reset, and cultivate a deeper connection with God and the creative desires within. We will practice rhythms of rest that feed and nourish your soul while at the same time inspire and awaken your unique creativity.

In order to live whole, restored lives, there are rhythms we must learn to lean into. God designed our bodies, minds, and hearts for rest and our souls for creative expression. It is in this undistracted space where God can restore our bodies, tend to our hearts, and re-awaken the unique creative gifts he has placed within us. (Psalm 23:2-3)

The day will begin with learning and practicing the restorative rhythms of silence, stillness, and solitude to reset our hearts and ground ourselves more fully in the present moment. Then we will dive deep into creative experiential activities and inspiring group collaborative discussions.

We cannot wait for you to experience God’s design for restorative rest. By learning how to cultivate presence in an overly distracted world you will find balance for your mind, heart, and body and be free to express your inner creativity!

What You Will Walk Away With:

Ways to quiet your mind, tend to your heart, and nourish your body.

A clearer view of your purpose and a deeper connection with God’s heart.

Increased inner peace and a sense of balance.

Inspiration to express your limitless and unique creative gifts.

Your own personal plan to incorporate rhythms of rest into your life.

A community of voices cheering you on!

Date: October 3, 2020 (*Due to the Corona Virus our retreats dates are tentative and subject to change.)


Ever wondered why you do what you do and can’t seem to get out of your own way to change it? Well then you’ve come to the right workshop. The Become Your Best You Retreat is based on a revelatory personality typing system known as the Enneagram. It describes 9 ways of seeing the world and 9 limiting story templates we can get stuck in. We all have a limiting story we’ve been believing and it is time to reclaim the narrative we were created to live out.

The Enneagram it is one of my favorite tools to use for self-discovery and together we will create your personal go-to map for spiritual growth and transformation.  But first we must discover what is standing in the way of becoming your best more authentic self. So why wait? Let’s discover how you can come home to the truest version of you!

What You Will Walk Away With:

  1. A deeper level of self-awareness into why you think, feel and act the way you do.
  2. A greater sense of clarity about your giftings and hang-ups.
  3. How to experience balance & wholeness within your personality type.
  4. A personalized growth and transformation plan.

Date: October 24, 2020 (*Due to the Corona Virus our retreats dates are tentative and subject to change.)

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